The UFO Enigma & JASON

Echoes of the Past: The Departure of the Argonaut

The New York Times articles on the Pentagon’s UFO program brought credibility, controversy and questions over the actual role of the US Air Force and the Intelligence Community (IC) in the UFO Enigma. The Defense Intelligence Agency’s Advanced Aerial Threat Program was run by request of Senator Harry Reid but the US Air Force did not participate in the program.

One of the preeminent philosophers, Jacques Valles, states that deception is a force of nature. In my view, there is no UFO or alien mystery. There’s a non-zero chance there’s a Pentagon plan to test society’s response to crises.

If aliens are visiting us, there has to be a higher dimensional world, one where the human body and consciousness exists in more dimensions. If this is true, then the real evil in the world is the desire to receive this knowledge for one’s self alone.

Many have claimed Illuminati secrets but few have revealed even one secret.


Echoes of the Past: The Departure of the Argonaut
By Slaydon Bocian
January 2018

Today I saw the Departure of the Argonaut.

It reminded me of Jason and the Argonauts, and the search for the Golden Fleece. Kevin’s journey mirrors their quest for an eternal truth; an ultimate first principle.

In 1958, a conspiracy started. Some who work in COSMIC spatial intelligence think the conspiracy started in a hospital in Zurich. Today, no one knows if the conspiracy continued, perhaps under Constantine McGuire’s leadership who gave his only known address as Box 1, the Cosmos Club, Washington D.C. We should ask Director Pillsbury.

In the shadows lived a cast of characters but two stand out the most: Miles Copeland Jr. and his friend, the intractable Gordon Novel. Miles, possessing a secret known since Vincenzo Galilei, infused his sons with the serendipity of music.

They owned the famous Backstage Bar in Beverly Hills where rock stars gathered. (Now Craft Alley, 9433 Brighton Way, Beverly HIlls, CA 90210)

There in Beverly Hills, agents unknown belonging to the cosmic bohème placed Gordon’s project of provocation into the ether. Miles and Gordon would have breakfast, often chatting of the profound mystery whispered by the esoteric beginnings of the Imperial Federation; amor fati.

This Greek idea was the only known example of real magic in the world. The Stoics found it practical to resist anger but the great progenitor of Jewish law, Joseph Karo, revealed the truth through his talkative maggid that appeared to him in his bedroom; semivan-ishing.

Anger wasn’t merely instant gratification but it was a denial in faith in the Higher World. For every action and free will itself is a mirage of moments testing man’s faith in chaos. Getting upset was like blasphemy. Don’t distinguish between good and bad, and soon not just your world changes but the fundamental nature of particle physics.

Or so goes the thoughts of Carl Jung and Woflgang Pauli. Which brings us back to Zurich and the Red Cross hospital, room 137. There lie the force of nature known as Wolfgang Pauli. Unknown to his new widow was Pauli’s inescapable fascination with a fundamental constant of nature known as Alpha. The reciprocal of this number is close to 137.

While he lie dying, he knew, finally beyond the esoteric visions of his World Clock, that there was a subtle force of nature that can be harnessed for magic. The oft-reported manifestations in the skies and in the minds of men are mere inner reflections of a dimension to reality that is not external.

It is -the dimension, the full existence in physical space from the 5-dimensional hypercube extended in the Platonic 6-dimensions. This is the last grand secret of High 12, Lodge 49; the conscious body in 50-dimensions passed the 49th Gate of Intelligence.

With Miles Copeland’s sons singing their legendary song, Synchronicity II, the Police and CIA records changed the music industry. Simultaneously while the co-founder of meaningful coincidence died in 1958, Project 137 was ignited by the eternal quest.

Project 137 soon became JASON, invoking the Argonauts quest for the golden fleece. Does Joe have the fleece?

Is Kevin going to be as famous as Sting and the Police? Will the Professors win vs the Prophets, or will the Physicists of JASON and Morningstar reemerge?

Is it the Scribe or the Footman telling tales of True History like Lucian of Samasota? I’d claim that Ojai was my secret hometown, like the Morningstar funds. But that was where the $6 Miller Dollar Man and the Bionic Women grew up.

Not me, I’m from a different place. Alas, I am no JASON scientist like Morningstar, I’m just a random sci-fi writer dreaming of Utopian dimensions.


From another time, on Christmas, comes a message almost lost to history. IT said the cosmic bohème illuminated the Platonic play and to:

“Tell them that there were a thousand failures before the actors were thoroughly rehearsed and the performance reached perfection.”

Adam Weishaupt
The High Degrees of the Bavarian Illuminati (unpublished)
Grattenauer’s Bookshop, 1787